i'm supposed to be reading a book on "monitoring + evaluating" but i say "hell no! you cant make me read that shit! what do i look like? a robot???" so instead, i decided to share with all you lovely people this neat photograph taken last week on a trader joes run.

okay, as you all know the NE states basically suck. i have lived here (for the first time) this year while attending grad school in VT. and i grew up in Alaska (WHUT-WHUT!!) and i have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen so much damn snow as this! it wont go away or melt. no matter what i do. but somedays i feel really excited about it and i love the clean beauty. this polaroid was taken when i was in one of those appreciative of beauty moods. 

i especially love this photo. it is a farm in hadley, mass. (i dont know how to spell the whole word out--do you?? COME ON! I CHALLENGE YOU!). this photo is amazing. it brings me peace and calm; it is truly beautiful. what do you guys think?


Phyllistene said...

I appreciate the warnings. I will now subscribe and dive into the complete corruption of the mind that your blog will bring to my daily life.

Thank You.

The phyl

samimi-extremie said...

phyl. i love you. thanks for being such a good supporter. you are the best housemate. all love to you ms. chill.

Anonymous said...

Lay - Do your homework you little rebel! Oh yeah, I love you!

samimi-extremie said...


Jason said...

Massa... chu... s... something something something. You're right. Can't do it.

samimi-extremie said...

you almost got it. here's my best shot: mass-ah-chew-sitz.

good, right, jase??