an righteous artist: rebecca ogden

rebecca ogden is rad. she lives in bellingham + is a phenomenal artist. i knew her in 8th grade + through the lovely world of myspace, she contacted me about two years ago + we've been fast friends again. with our mutual love for photography + art, we have collaborated on some artisitic pieces.

Bec speaks about her art: "My work usually consists of many layers. I strive for the viewer to look deeper, to find in the background underlying texture, color, meaning. I attempt this through using mainly paper, acrylic paint, oil pastel and a process that transfers a photographic or digital image to the canvas".

She has been inspired by some of the photographs that i have taken and used them to create lovely, AMAZING mixed media collages.

i will put up my original photo, then below it, display what rebecca has done with it, cool? COOL!

#1: baktash + i in minneapolis, mn. (july 2006) :

#2: weinberg + i in discovery park. seattle, wa. (may 2007) :

#3: william liska rockwell + i in minneapolis, mn. (april 2007) :

#4: amanda + i. discovery park, seattle, wa. (may 2007) -- you've seen this one before... :

#5: amanda, viola + i. discovery park, seattle, wa. (may 2007) :

#6: baktash in newfane, vt. (september, 2007) :

rebecca's art is totally unique + fantastic. go check out her other works of art:
website: rebeccaogdenart.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/letlivstudios


limonana said...

sooo awesome...i had never seen these before layli jun...really unique & obviously she is super inspired by your photography...

samimi-extremie said...

thanks, little missy! isnt her work deadly?? woohoo!

Rebecca Ogden said...

Your photos are amazing Layli and they continue to inspire me. You're such a rockstar! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with me.

amy said...

your photos + rebecca's re-inventions= absolutely fabulous.