melancholy + sad bastard #1:

it is overcast and raining here in vermont today, very reminiscent of the majority of my life spent in juneau + olympia-seattle-portland.

there is something very unique about the culture of the NW states (AK included) in the sense that there is this recognized place in our culture for melancholy and introversion. there is an underlying sense of sadness + loneliness that lies within this region. i dont mean depression--let me be clear.

today is a day that is making me feel lonely for that cozy feeling of the rain misting on the water, the lattes that are made to perfection + the lo-fi music most poignantly setting the mood. i miss sitting on the beach in the rain. i miss the good coffee. i miss the unspoken understanding that we honor the land, and we honor + recognize the melancholy within each of us.

i dont think that it is a strange coincidence that my favorite musicians carry this melancholic tone. this type of music helps to transport you to another head space where there is introversion + healing. WOW, listen to me!!! i think this four hours of sleep + Baha'i fasting for 19 days is getting to me...BARE WITH ME DUDES!!

i mean, some of the greatest "sad bastard" musicians come out of the NW states: modest mouse, kurt cobain (remember, he killed himself he was so sad), elliot smith (remember, he stabbed himself in the heart), death cab for cutie, etc. this too, is no coincidence. its the weather + the culture. but let me be (clear)--i am not going to kill myself and this is NOT a suicide letter. in fact, i'm not even depressed! hell! i feel good! i feel better than james brown, i feel better now (obscure "was not was" reference)!! i love myself and where i come from. it is me.

it is with this that i introduce to you my most favorite musician, mr.
m. ward. he is the most deadly (there, i said that word again, look fer it!!) musician. period. i dont know how to upload MP3's, so i'm attaching this video.


sad bastard #1: m. ward
album: Post-War
song title: Chinese Translation


Kenny said...

Here's to the sad bastard's. But I have to say, Fuck M. Ward. That guy's a pussy.

samimi-extremie said...

eat sh*t and die, kenny! but here's to sad bastards!

Amanda said...

want you to know that you are the only blog i will ever post a comment on. yep. i love this video, cheebs and i watch it every so often. kenny....you're a pussy.

samimi-extremie said...

hey manda! what about our photo being published? hell yes!!! right?

Anonymous said...

What a sweet song~

It perfectly matched the weather today, contemplative grey sky and cold drizzling rain that broke into a blue sky promise of spring!

Love you Layli~

xxoo Kya

Jason said...

So, how do you explain sad bastards not from the NW?

Did I ever tell you that I knew we'd be friends from the moment I laid eyes on you?