more trees + snow. WOW! what a shock!

the snow is finally melting here in vermont. i am really happy about that because this weather is starting to tick me right off. maybe you guys are sick of me posting photos of snow + trees...but i'm sorry, you just have to deal with it. because THIS is my reality. so enjoy the beauty + be grateful that the world is such an amazingly beautiful place that blah blah blah blah.

school's hard. i read alot. too much. i dont think my brain needs to get this huge. not my head, my brain. dummies.

okay, well, i'm going to go pass out and wait for the sun to set, so i can break my fast and eat me some grub.

enjoy this photo, you nature lovers.

p.s. are you EVEN liking these images?

p.s.s. i love you.


shirin said...

1- i am enjoying these pictures, very much so.
2- i love you too.
--little miss

amy said...

i am looooving the pictures. but i'm dying for spring. GO AWAY SNOW!

baktash said...

thank you both for your feedback. i really appreciate it. i love you both!

baktash said...

that comment is supposed to be from me, layli.

Will said...

I'm liking it too -Will