blame it on the "system" + happy Naw Ruz!

people can be so cliche + idiotic sometimes. i sit and sit in class (they are four hours long in duration with one 15 min. break) and listen to the same four individuals talk. but PLEAASE shoot me if i have to hear one more hippie drinking mate tea out of a moldy mason jar talking about how "screwed up the corporations are and that the system is cramping my style", "we should go back to how we lived 300 years ago", "quit putting me in your post-modern box" blahblahblah b.s. b.s b.s. someday i will just pull on their dreads and tell them that if they so badly want to live off the land, go into the woods...maybe you're life will be like that genius from "into the wild". pssh. but they wear shoes from wal-mart (secretly, cos their trust fund is running low...) + drink starbucks coffee. uggh...this is how i feel about THOSE conversations (i'm angry in this photo in case you didn't know):

oh! in case i haven't properly introduced this dark man with makeup before, he is my boyfriend. his name is baktash aazami + he is really funny + smart. we like to go for long walks on the beach together. we just recently made presents for one another that were framed photos of footprints on the sand at the beach at sunset saying something really awesome like, "where you walk, i have walked too, we are one, i am always holding your hand"...something really awesome like that. and then he bought me a teddy bear and a plastic red rose. it was so sweet. i think we are in love. this is how that love makes me feel:

oh! in case you dont know who that cutie with me is, its my sister, shirin samimi-moore. she is really rad + sometimes it seems as though she is the older one (we are 10 years apart). she's really mature + fun. she's basically a genius child. we like to send crap to eachother like, "sisters by birth--best friends by choice". its really amazing.

on another really inspirational note, i just bought FEIST tickets. FEIST is basically the raddest, deadliest chick in the world. i dont know any girl/woman who doesnt love her. i saw her live once and i cant wait to see her again. she's gotta be the cutest singer-songwriter on the planet. and she's awesome cos she's really creative + she doesnt show her cleavage or her butt cheeks in her music videos. here, look how darling she is:

i dont care how famous she gets or how many of her CD's are sold at starbucks, she is still my favorite female musician.

OH! one more thing! happy NAW RUZ!! for those of you that dont know, that is the Baha'i new year (and the first day of spring) YAHOO! that means no more fasting for me! i can eat my bucket o' bon bons for breakfast again! here i come twinkies + ding-dongs!! this is how Naw Ruz makes me feel*:

* take note: those are bon-bons + twinkies in my basket too. my mom let me eat whatever i wanted! (COOOOOL mom!!)

i hope you have enjoyed my news + your attention has been drawn to all things cool + hip. (take note: you too can make cool footprint in the sand cards for your signifigant other...you know they want one! doi!)

goodbye, my homies.


baktash said...
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leila said...

dude, when we [shaun + i] sent out the message that we were getting married, we wrote that one of our shared passions was the whole Sunset Walks On The Beach schtick and God bless my friends who apparently don't even know who i am when they wrote back Gosh, That's So Sweet, You Two. and it hurt me so bad that they could say such a thing that i'm pretty sure it made baby lambs cry.

wait ... how many red plastic roses?

love from leila

amy said...

i want love like you have it. and your sister is preeeetty. with the flowers and all!

on a serious note: feist? can i come? where?
and how iranian are you in your little head scarf and basket? i loooove you.

samimi-extremie said...

leila: that is hilarious and i think i will laugh about that all day long. only one plastic rose. because we are one heart.

amy: COME! its in north hampton on april 25. PLEASE!

love you both!

limonana said...

happy happy Naw-Ruz love!!! you are so funny you make my sides hurt sometimes...also, FEIST AWESOMMMME!!! I wish i could be there :(:(:(:(

euge said...

i wish i could eat as many bon bons as you but they make my nose oily.