for my brother, na'im.

my brother na'im and i were discussing my blog yesterday. he gave me lots of good feedback. he said he especially liked the photographs of my newest LISH designs. so this blog entry is for him + all the other dudes out there that like to look at neat jewelry. (ladies are excluded for this one...LOL*!). i am especially in love with this pair because of its transparency and random blend of colors. these stones fascinate me:


KYA is made with Agate + sterling silver wire. I made them myself. With my own two hands + ten fingers.

love it or leave it.

*"LOL", "OMG", "TGIF" (thank God its friday), "ROFLMAO", etc. are all REALLY STUPID things to enter into your keyboard diction. that is why i use it; to clown all you suckers that really use it. LOL! OMG! layli's such a b-word!


Na'im said...

ZOMG those belong on my face!!! but for rilly, you're good at that.


Phyllistene said...

First and foremost.. love the e-rings.. number two is that a paper you wrote/article that I was supposed to read but didn't? either way that pic rocks. har har. stone earrings.. rocks.. har har.

Thirdly... makes my happy your bro said "rilly" my favorite phrase some days is fer-rill.. which makes me laugh cuz I sort of think of feral.. which is way diffy.

limonana said...

beautiful earrings love! i especially like their translucent quality at the same time as have a quartzy texture...lovely...

Amanda said...

hey, don't want to show my outdated ways but what the hell does raflmao mean?

samimi-extremie said...

if you dont know, you're completely gone. (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) doi, amanda! get with it, sheeesh!