an introduction.

this is me and one of my best friends ever. her name is amanda kitchings + she is probably the best lady ever. this was taken this last spring in seattle (ahhh, i meees you, seattle!!)...i directed this polaroid shot and it is going to PUBLISHED-- HELL YES, ladies + gents, i SAID PUBLISHED in a BOOK focusing on everything pink. yes! it rox to be a chik! chicks rule, boyz drule! YEE-HAWW ride ma' cowboy! this photo was found on my flickr site, as soon as the book is published, i'll give you the name, where you can sell yourself to be able to afford it, etc.

the next one is of my lovely friend (and ex--sorry to mention it, baktash-E!), jesse weinberg. i love this polaroid. we have discussed starting a purse company together and this being the tag. we're so creative + amazing. but so are you. i know this.

this is my man, baktash aazami and his brother, bobbyaazami. take it easy, nerds, i didn't get the "i" in aazami's hyperlink. cool yer jets. sheeesh! i took this lovely polaroid this summer at the Baha'i House of Worship in chicago:

p.s. just so we're clear, baktash is wearing the sunglasses; that's the one i'm going super steady with. (tee-hee!)

this is my wittle brudder na'im and his wife, shirin. she's a super painter.
check it. i believe this is one of my all-time favorite shots, to definitely go down in history with renee zellwegger and all her AMAZING movies! wow! she's so ama-ZING! not!

p.s. just so we're clear, my brother ISN'T the one wearing the dainty yellow number. that's my sister-in-law.

last but not least, is my best buddy peef + his beautiful wife, sara. his real name is mike piff, but not really. it actually is peef. (peef means "pee-you!" in farsi. but he doesnt really stink, in fact he omits NO SMELL -weirdo). they live is some strange place named luxembourg which i had the dear, delightful privelage of going to see them about one month ago to meet their son, noah nabil piff (pics to come). i bet you americans have never heard of luxembourg before. but you canadians do. cos canadians are so much more educated than us umericuns. cool pic, right?

p.s. no babies were harmed in the shooting of the really awesome polaroid. noah was locked in the car for 55 seconds at the gas station. the only one risking their life was me, as i was standing in the middle of a EUROPEAN intersection--and we all know how crazy those people are. AUTOBON!!!

more lovely people + polaroids to come. the distinguised characters highlighted here aren't ranked any higher than any of you all, its just that they are more photogenic. SUCKAAASSS!!

are the polaroids cool enough for you? huh? cus if not, i'm gonna get super extreme on your ass and take photos of snowboarders jumping off cliffs while chugging redbull + dirtbikers jumping through trailer parks with loaded shotguns. allow me to be clear, i dont want them to shoot the citizens that live in those parks, but maybe just the cats.


samimi-extremie said...

OMG! your photos are amazing! you are the raddest, layli! LOL! OMG! TGIF!!

Phyllistene said...

Meow. Kablam.
Meow. Kablam.
Meow. Kablam.
Meow. Kablam (Insert "Damn you and your nine lives" here.)
Meow. Kablam.
Meow. Kablam. (Insert "chk chk" a.k.a. reload here)
Meow. Kablam.
Meow/"Mshiteow!!!". Kablam. Meeeeeowwww. Kablam.


Phyllistene said...

"allow me to be clear, i dont want them to shoot the citizens that live in those parks, but maybe just the cats."
- All I am sayin is shoot em up, but them there traler prk cats are mo' rezilient than yer expectin.

you= JW Lovin = exempt from the wrath that will incur for the next rosy - nosy. aka butt-er in-er.. haha..nah

P.S.S. Atleast I didn't burn my crack this time. Ouch! and hows that for a visual eh? eh?!

amy said...

published?! awesome and well done pinky.
thanks for clarifying who your brother is. for a second i thought "he looks pretty in yellow"

shirin sahba said...
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Anonymous said...

I am at work and I read through your blog - I think I will come back soon to check out more. :) I love you!xoxoKarina

Anonymous said...

i love you too, karina! i hope you're well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cool that you got to check out the Autobahn!! I heard it's really hard to find and cars drive on it like NASCAR!! Earnhardt 4 life!!!

Anonymous said...

YO! This is Cloudy from Olympia. rememmber me? I fuond ur blog by searchin for ur name. its looking good! Sorry abuot taggin up & down your street at wildgoose - I wsa hella drunk (kinda like rtight noww). howz ur bro? He cracked me up all the time. funny guy! but yo, nice bloginn! Peace - cloudy