my life is over. (savepolaroid.com)

save polaroid

so basically my life sucks. and i just wrote this really awesome draft professing my love for polaroids and it took me like 30 min. + then this DAMN blog thing erased it somehow and now i am even more angry than i was before. UGHH. i hate being a computer non-genius and not knowing how to save my entries. UGGH.

ok. i think i have sufficiently calmed down. but not really. so here is the lameness. polaroid announced that they were NOT going to make film anymore which means that basically my life is over and i cant be creative anymore. it is really REALLY lame. i dont know what to do with myself. and i'm not the only one. savepolaroid.com is a site dedicated to trying to save polaroid (good luck...but, whatever). it is such a travesty that it is all coming to an end. so basically we need to go to costco + stock up now because soon it will all be over.

i am left with a huge overwhelming sense of anger + sadness. but mostly anger...and sadness. it is really lame. and i just knocked over my trash can cos i am so angry and sad. i am now sitting in a pile of trash, banana peels + tears of anger AND sadness.

the other really crappy thing is that yesterday my polaroid shattered by smacking the pavement at a gas station on the way to burlington. i cried. i really did. tears were streaming down my face, as i couldnt bare to part with both the film forever and the camera too. my friends were really considerate and had fixed it by the next day (thank you messaye + john). so now my camera works again and life is kinda cool again. except for this film thing.

i mean, i am so so sick of people being like, "but layliiiiiii, you musssttt go digitalll now,,,polaroiddd is SUCH a wassssttteee, blah blah, whine, whine (they are sipping their w(h)ine being really lame + at this point i tune them out because they are really dense for not COMPREHENDING JUST HOW AMAZINGLY AWESOME POLAROIDS ARE AND HOW THEY FAR EXCEED ANYTHING THAT A CRAPPY DIGITAL CAM OR THEIR i-PHONE CAN DO! I MEAN, W-T-F??!?@#?#$?@#??)".

so i joined the Flickr group named "save polaroid". it is a group that posts a polaroid self-portait of themselves professing their love for polaroids + begging for them to be saved. i will not lie-- i cry when reading people's dedication to polaroid. and i cant believe its all over because "there isnt a market for them anymore, layyyyli,,,i mean YOU practically keep them in business, layyyyliii (swish, swirl goes their wine, IEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! goes my brain)".

nothing has been better at keeping track of my memories, when i was a child at my birthday parties, to saying goodbye to homes + phases of my life. nothing has been able to document it like polaroid, then or now:

help. i dont know what to do. i will miss them making me broke. i will miss always looking at landscapes + people through the eye of my polaroid. i am always thinking about the next polaroid shot i can take. if you are really my friend, you'll go to costco or sams club + buy me the last packs so i can keep my dream alive for a little bit longer. PLEASEE!! i'm k

goodbye good times, good bye polaroid. this is so so sad. R.I.P. POLAROID. (p.s. i might get that tattooed on my bicep with a tear). i love you.


Phyllistene said...

Oh silly! Look out your window, tilt downwards a bit, this lil bridge is at the treeline connecting OUR BACKYARD TO THE FIELD!!

And ps did you find your present? I am nervous for critiques/additions needed. I really want to add more but I thought Id let you ponder and critically examine all flaws.

And pss am I allowed to post pics of it or will they be prematurely discovered by the recipient? Assuming they stalk all comments left on friends posts as I surely do. :)

elise said...

:,( that is me crying

i <3 polariod

limonana said...

sniffffff snifffff...i heard about this news a few weeks ago, & you were the first person i thought of...plus i had spotted an awesome pink/purple/turquoise polaroid camera at the second hand store, but decided it would be pointless without film, & i got very very very sad. i can see it now, the fashion industry is falling to pieces, women with severe bangs & cheekbones to die for running around aimlessly through Vogue's headquarter offices yelling "no film!!?????? no film!!!!????"

na'im said...

jeez, boo hoo. get over it and get a Canon XTREEM 40000Dx. we live in a digital world dewd. take some XTREEM digi phots (slang) and make a white cut out. slap that over the image. what's the diff?!? $$$ << that's the diff. digi saves in the long run. welcome to the first world. welcome to the future.

samimi-extremie said...

na'im's a meanie. and an idiot-o.l

Rebecca said...

I so feel your pain Layli, my photography professor told us about this a few weeks ago as well and you were the first person i thought of too. So so so sad..My professor said that he has a whole bunch of polaroid film but doesn't know what to do with it, as they won't be using it in classes if they can't get more. I thought of making him an offer and sending it all to you. Big hug, and wiping your tears. "sniff"

Amanda said...

darling...i am sorry to hear about how upset you are but i think i might be able to give you some hope. hopefully it's not false hope, we'll see.i was chatting about this with my buddy a few weeks ago and he said there is a european company FUJI (you ever heard of em?) that makes polaroid film and is not stopping. also, i think somebody will probably buy the rights and start producing it. i think it's a patent thing. hope

layli said...

hey rebecca: thanks for the thoughts, it is so so sad. but you should totally tell that dude i want his film. let me know how much.

manda: no! i've never heard of fuji! is that a new company?? whoa! you learn something new everyday i guess! sheesh!

love to you both.