everyone could use a little THAO

my great old buddy amanda + i were chatting on the phone the other night + she was all: "LISH! (that's my nickname from her, hence LISH jewelry (cool, layli!!!)) you would LOVE THAO and the Get Down Stay Downs!!! I was all: "what the hell kind of name is that??" she was all: "TRUST ME". so i peeked at THAO's myspace, and really liked her stuff! it is so happy + neat! nothing like all those "sad bastards" i usually recommend...heh heh. (i still love sad bastards THE BEST though. shhh. dont tell anyone...)

tell me what you think of her new song, "bag of hammers":

artist website:
THAO with The Get Down Stay Downs

artist record label: kill rock stars (WHUT-WHUT!! OLY WA IN EFFECT, YO!!!)

newest album: we brave beestings + all

thao's really awesome. and we need more chicks that rock. right? HELL YES (i'm doing air guitar, chugging a redbull + banging my head on my desk right now!)!

p.s. thanks amanda for the rec! samimi-extremie thanks you! love you heaps!


amy said...

happy music! perfect for spring! YEAH!

Amanda said...


limonana said...

i really enjoy her stuff! thanks for sharing...once amanda recommended me coco rosie years ago while she was giving us a ride up from portland to oly...that doll has good taste, & so do you :O)

Phyllistene said...

hey good stuff! and PS thanks for the adverts on a specific bartered item.. hahah.. I'll be doing a "training" on it later this semmy so hopefully you'll inspire in them that I sort of kind of know what Im doing :)

I heart PAPER!