things like this restore my faith in our collective humanity.

[surprise birthday party for muhktar]
i'm not gonna lie - this totally made me cry. sweetest thing ever. thanks to my girl elise for sending me this under our promise to focus more on play/laughter/celebration.

i want to do something where i can find stuff like this from all over the world and put it up on the www. for every one to see how amazing people can be.

here is an image that i found years back and "favorited" then posted on our style blog The Merits of the Scheme. it's a really fun little place to go visit, we would welcome you with open arms.
thanks elise, for this beautiful, touching piece.


Cori Wong said...

so tearfully amazing! elise done good. thanks for sharing, layli.


i am so glad you liked this, cori! elise is rad for finding it!