polka dots and colors and circles and joy

i've been blogging about balloons and such for years now. happy round circles of joy, color abound, floating and dancing in the wind. or bringing you joy in your house, something to cheer after a long tiring day. so naturally, when i spied this photographer with his AMAZING photographs THAT HE PAINTS ON, i was brought a smile, and an undying urge to go the swiss alps. [or just go back home to alaska] Sebastiaan Bremer's photographs are so delightful and what a cool concept to paint over your photographs with acrylic and inks.

aren't sebastiaan's photographs amazing!?!?! perfect for ringing in the new year and first days of spring.

and this is my shot from the Baha'i New Year [Naw Ruz] of baktash mingled in with polka dots. see more photographs here:
oh did i mention that i love "little wings"? especially his album called "light green leaves". i know, its weird and sad sounding, but it actually isn't - its really happy and joyful and reminds me of spring. it reminds me of sunny warm days in the pacific northwest, floating down calm rivers.

if these photos could have a soundtrack it'd be this album:

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elise said...

those photos/paintings are beautiful! very joyful!