damn hippies

how can you hate hippies? like, really hate hippies? you can't. its impossible. and how can you hate fire worshipers? maybe i don't know what "fire worshipers" are, cos, i'm not talking about the people who start bonfires and than "sacrifice" a goat or a pig or a living thing...i mean you can't hate people who love to sit around a bonfire, really you can't. bonfires are the best thing ever; hours will go by and you'll still be there, surrounded by your pals, having a gay old time, really just enjoying the space and place that you have created together.

i came across this hippie vid recently and really loved it. i love these guys any way. i know i'm not the only one.

as i was watching their video, i recalled a sneak peek in to my life back in olympia, with my brother and all my best buddies. we lived on the very end of the puget sound, on that water, with acres of land to roam around in, rope swings, canoes, bonfire pit, badminton competition area, etc. [i don't know how we got any school work done...]. but during those 4 blessed years, we hung out, rain or shine in our rainboots and carharts and made big ole bonfires on our beach. here is a clip from one of those nights, where we consumed too much potent kombucha and espresso and chewed too much tobacco [logie, i'm sure was really geeked off redbull and other energy drink concoctions...].

nights like the night [on the video clip below] are what caused our landlords to think that Baha'is worshipped fire and "performed strange rituals down by the water around a big bonfire" that was surrounded by branches. they loved us any way. dare i say, maybe even more? okay. i also did explain to them later, that this had nothing to do with our religion, nor was it any thing strange. we just held hands and screamed and danced around the fire. nothing strange about that, right?

be warned, dear readers, what you're about to see, might put you in some sort of strange trance or vortex where you'll never be the same.

or you'll just think we're freaks. either way, i'll be satisfied.

a shout out to my dear friend glimpse aka glza aka hoarse whisperer aka john thomas hogan - he's the bearded handsome devil talking to me in the middle of this photograph: he was in a really bad bicycle accident in seattle a week back and i pray he's doing better and healing fast:


pDawg! said...

Oh, the dancing was even better with the full length video. SO good.

misha said...

OMG I forgot we both went to TESC> No one can ever understand what it's like unless you lived it. That campfire scene didn't even make me bat an eyelash! ;)


p! can't wait to someday have a fire with you!!
meesh! TESC!! wootwoot!!