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so i love TED. who doesn't?? i have shared with you some seriously inspiring TED talks on this here blog before. well its the TED 2011 BIG annual event happening right down the coast from me in long beach. so i was dying to go, seeing as how i am in LA and could swing it...until i found out tickets are like, $3000. wow. not gonna happen. BUT i found aout about an event going on in LA. goldstar entertainment is hosting a live "simulcast"[live broadcasting of the event - in real time]  of march 2nd's TED event in collaboration with TEDx events. i was dying to go and saw that it was a closed, private event. "how can i get around this?" i asked. i wrote the organizers to request a ticket, and then they saw my internet presence [i do have like, 5 blogs], and they asked me to not only attend, but to be one of 5 specicially selected "interactive hosts" of the entire day's event. wow. so psyched!

so here i am, sitting in the dark, with my fellow TED-sters, watching, listening, moved and inspired. [and typing this to you, dear readers]

i will be updating my blog a couple more times today with updates. i mean, i'll need to update, as i still have to listend to BILL GATES, MORGAN SPURLOCK [super size me] & street artist JR - just to name a few.

please stay tuned and i'll try my best to share with you an oppotunity that i have had today which is fantastic. what a great way to start the Baha'i Fast too!


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elise said...

this is so awesome Lay! what a freakin cool opportunity!