i think i miss[ed] winter

so i was skyping with my girl elise today for a couple of hours [we actually watched a movie together - you should try it sometime] and she is on "spring break" from grad school. and outside her window, all i could see was bright white snow, all cozy on her couch drinking tea. "observing" winter just isn't the same when you're in 70* weather with the smell of orange blossoms & jasmine. don't get me wrong, I'M NOT COMPLAINING - I LOVE IT. but i do feel a little bit like i am cheating; i have not skipped a snowy winter in four years.

so when i saw this video posted by my bro jamie, it made me happy - to experience, if even thirdhand, a snowy, crisp, clean, white winter. this video is so beautiful. the music, a little "strange", but i can dig it, if its paired with this beautiful moment.

in honor of those of you still in the throes of winter, i dedicate these photos i snapped last winter for you cold, albeit cozy ones:


Oskar Karlin said...

Glad you liked my film!


oskar! it was soooooo amazing! you have a great eye! thanks again.