gimme gimme

there are days where i find things online and i feel like i am going to burst if i cant get my hands on the newly-found items...its so funny, materialism...cos one day, you didn't know something existed, then the next, you'll do a lot to get that new thing/item. well, call me a slave to materialism today, cos when i found those beautiful jellyfish lights below [which i TOTALLY just lost the link to...i suppose google it if you so wish...sorry!] & these outfits from gorman's winter 2011 lookbook i about died. like, seriously died. i mean, did you SEE those outfits below?!?!?!? i posted them in priority to which ones i want most. i seriously can't stop looking at them. i also love them so much that i also posted these and more on my collaborative style blog: themeritsofthescheme.tumblr.com

i honestly feel that this outfit was MADE for me to put my body in to. no joke

how fun AND classy.

can this be my new "professional" outfit? call this my "power suit", if you will.
which outfit is your favorite? what are you dying for? and it doesn't have to be a THING.

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jenn said...

i could totally see you rocking every outfit there, layli! only you could pull that off though! not sure i could rock striped tights! LOL.