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the best samimi-extremie polaroid replacement out there currently- is my fuji instax film for my new camera! and as soon as i took these two test shots, i knew i was back. i got all giddy again, and ideas starting whizzing around in my head for future photoshoots. its gonna be epic. its gonna be EPICCCCCCCCCCCCC. [so excited] there is nothing for me like shooting with instant film that is good quality. i previously had the mini fuji instax, but the photos were credit card sized, and i wasn't really feeling how freaking teeny they were.

i really truly feel that shooting polaroids for so many years has trained me to be really serious and mindful of the shots i take. i realize now, that i am doing a lot of freelance work [YES! i said i'm a freelancing photography fool now!!! HIRE ME!! you know you want to!! na, but seriously, its been really fun and exciting...]. that i don't need to take as many shots as you'd think....meaning, i really think about my shots before i take them and am really much more happy with my shots this way.
bak & i in my in-laws house

i love having this as an art form for myself. i really love the ritual of taking my polaroid camera with me, going out, and practicing devotion and celebration. i know you might eye roll here, but it seriously is like meditation for me.

be prepared to hear more about my photography ventures as time ravels forward. and bookmark my photography site too, while you're at it. and when, dear readers, you like what you see, pass it on to others, so that i can meditate on their portraits, events & parties. heh. this is fun. say its fun. come on, say it.

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