towfigh sent me this video on yokoo, an artist/businesswoman who makes $140,000 a year on her etsy shop. this video interview is amazing & powerful; i can totally relate to her. especially in the part where she talks about our need to be silent and in silence. and that our purpose is to create... and that we all need to create a place where we check in with ourselves to find our purpose.

wasn't this so awesome? i adore hearing about individuals' processes, struggles & pleasures. we are all connected.


oh, and just in case you didn't know, i have an etsy shop.

if you haven't purchased any LISH jewelry for your lady or sister or mother or friend lately, you should. that $140,000 a year is gonna be mine. heh heh heh..

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Samantha said...

i love this. and i love your li$h jewelry! i have told all my girl friends about your work, laylie!