my husband & i had a great time celebrating my birthday this past weekend. as soon as i got back from israel, we jetted down to la jolla for a sweet weekend at the hilton. it was so delightful; the hotel wasn't crowded, which meant we had the pool to ourselves for the most part. as i was sitting there reading and drinking my coffee, i thought about how important it is that we take moments in our lives to celebrate, reward ourselves and give ourselves a GOOD BREAK. what ever it is that feeds you and gives you relaxation, i hope you find the time to do so at least while celebrating your birthday!

it was a great weekend & a fantastic way to ring in my 30th year.


Mary Nevin said...

looks lovely! your truly have an artistic gift with photography! happy belated birthday!! :)

alexandra grecco said...

aww, i love la jolla!



samimi-extremie said...

thank you so much mary! i just love taking the photographs! :)

alexandra: la jolla is the best for sure. i love your blog!