[photo taken as a thank you for my birthday gift from my brother & sister in law]

i feel the need to share with you just how much i love coffee and everything about it. my brother jorma was telling me about my niece, elsa bee - he told me a story about how he asked her what she wanted for dinner and she responded immediately with, "SUUUUUUGGGAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!" in a excited, loud, growling voice [all very serious]. i would respond the same exact way if someone asked me what i wanted. but replace "sugarrrrrrrrr" with "COFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!".

one of my girlfriends and i went to lamill yesterday which is amazing & one of my fave spots in LA and they have a side shop from the cafe that is chock-full of AMAZING coffee machines, grinders, carafes, cups, presses, pitchers, filters, etc. etc.

i felt like the hugest, happiest geek when i saw this room; it literally looked like what i would expect heaven to look like. i'm not even exaggerating; i wasn't able to concentrate on my discussion with my girl, cos all i could think about was that room, so i went and peeked and man, oh man. for those of you that don't live in LA and want to geek out - they have their shop online here.

but seriously now, some girls love purses & shoes, hair & makeup. not this one. i love me some coffee everything. if you ever want to get me out of a foul mood, or make me smile from ear to ear - take me where there are people who know their coffee and have really neat coffee making gadgets.

oh! we just purchased an amazing conical burr grinder. its bodum [don't get me started on my obsession with this company...] and it does a fine job at grinding our espresso beans for an even really beautiful grind, as well as more coarse for our french press. if you're in the market for a burr grinder - i would NOT go with any other burr grinder. we had a cuisinart one, it wasn't even worth it - i wanted to huck it on the concrete. i've heard capresso isn't that good either. i feel confident in saying, dear readers - that this one's where it's at:


b. said...

you are too cute - i love your love for coffee. you baha'is...


Patrice said...

I love good coffee - Stumptown is divine! It makes me sweat it's so gooooooddd!!!

I love iced coffee too - I wish I had some coffee right now.

tony said...

12-cup and 8-cup bodum presses at home + fred meyer blade grinder + ikea glass-lined thermal carafe, 8-cup ikea press at work, ceramic travel mugs, neither better insulating than plastic or metal, nor more durable, as both of ours now have handles attached w/gorilla glue, but if you're a person who heats a lukewarm cup of coffee in the microwave more than occasionally, well, ceramic is kind of nice.

Layli said...


DUDE, THANKS FOR SHARING! i am in to ceramic to go mugs myself. i just found an awesome one at the store i mentioned in the post. i hope we can all have coffee sometime soon.

thank includes you too, patrice.