gimme space

its hella - yes i just said "hella" noisy in LA. like ALLTHETIMENOISE. sometimes i feel like my head is banging on a wall over and over. i feel like people are climbing on me & over me all the time. and being the alaskan holligan [there is in fact, 1 person per square mile in alaska. YEP. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT] that i am, this has been a little hard to get used to. which brings me to my next point: how important it is - no matter where you live - to create a great space for yourself. whether its just a desk in the corner of your urban studio apt. or an entire room in your house, this is so important. while i was living in south dakota it was two paramount places: my favorite tree & the badlands - in a very specific spot.
and while at home, i created a delicious little nook for myself so that i could go and make my jewelry, edit my photos, write poetry & write my masters thesis. i like this article about creative people's work spaces, and i agree - i think all of us creative folk [which is indeed, all of us] need to have that space, with a desk or something special where "ritual" can take place. but i have always found my best work comes while i am in outdoor sacred spaces. for me, i think tapping in to the power of nature & solitude while breathing in fresh air & listening is the best way for me.

i can't wait to decorate my own workspace in LA. in every house that i've lived, i've tried to have some sort of place like this. i also can't wait to frame all of my polaroids in a huge frame [seen on a blog post of mine a year back here].

i also can't wait to unpack my lovely, beautifully delicate ceramic art from my dear friend leili towfigh & put it in my sacred space.
[she has the most delightful, refreshing etsy shop that you MUST go see...can i get a HECK YEAH! for her shop?? i mean, COME ON.]

so my dear readers, i will share with you my sacred space, done in four seasons. introducing [maybe not for the 1st time] my beautiful, lovely tree:
isn't she BEAUTIFUL!??!?!?!??!
[click on the image to see it larger]

do you have a photo of one of your sacred spaces/creative workplaces?? if so, email it to: samimi.extremie[at]gmail.com - and i'll post the photos up here once i get a couple of them!!



Jamie H said...

Hell yeah. The vegetable man in the vegetable van with his horrible horn was more than I could ever bare to take...especially at 6 am. I totally need a sacred space. Thanks for the idea, yo.

samimi-extremie said...

huh? fill me in, homie. i'm glad you're stoked!

Jamie H said...

I just realized where my sacred space is! I'll get some photos and post this weekend.

Other Leili said...

That tree is MY sacred space too, just from the photos. God I love it.

Thanks so much for this, dear. So sweet of you to share that little peapod of mine, too.