as if i needed any more reasons to love & adore diplo...

...my girl patrice showed this to me. and how the hell did i ever go with out MALUCA?? i love her because of her attitude. it is just so apparent and she's holding her own. good on her. as patrice says: "Maluca is from the Bronx, this video was made in 2009, pre-Lady Gaga using soda cans in here telephone video. Maluca was a bartender before being discovered by Diplo during a karaoke night." diplo has since signed her to his label MAD DECENT.
as if i needed any more reasons to hate lady gaga, but this, this takes the cake.
maluca quotes her music as "Experimental tropical punk, ghettotech and hip-house? I dunno, it's just dance music.”

oh! did i mention i'm in love with diplo? both me and husband have a harmless crush on him. oh! did i mention that i'm in love with feist?? ummmm YESSSSSSSS. i do believe i've mentioned my love for both feist & diplo before on this here blog. well, now you can here them collaborate. er, diplo mixing her song. really great. listen here.

speaking of feist - where the bleep did she go??


patrice said...

Oh shoot I made a typo in my FB post about Maluca - I meant to say "in her telephone video" not here.

This is so rad you re-blogged this. I want everyone to know about Maluca so she makes more music. I think she's amazing.

samimi-extremie said...

agreed, p! thanks again for the heads up!