WOWWWWWWWW. my jaw hasn't dropped like this over a photo since my buddy aaron huey's work on the pine ridge reservation. wowwwww. i mean, come on! readers ---- can i get a WHAT THE???? WOW?!!!!! this is a dream for me to look at. it is also inspirational to see that someone has shot their vision. i worked like this before in my photography as well, but nothing this great a scale. i mean, this is great, simply fantastic. it also motivates me to do all those outlandish, crazy shots that i picture in my head - no matter how grand the vision is.

| "Girls in the Windows" Ormond Gigli, 1960 |

when describing the story behind this photo Gigli is quoted on his site as saying:

"In 1960, while a construction crew dismantled a row of brownstones right across from my own brownstone studio on East 58th Street, I was inspired to, somehow immortalize those buildings. I had the vision of 43 women in formal dress adorning the windows of the skeletal facade.

We had to work quickly to secure City permissions, arrange for models which included celebrities, the demolition supervisor's wife (third floor, third from left), my own wife (second floor, far right), and also secure the Rolls Royce to be parked on the sidewalk. Careful planning was a necessity as the photography had to be accomplished during the workers' lunch time!

The day before the buildings were razed, the 43 women appeared in their finest attire, went into the buildings, climbed the old stairs, and took their places in the windows. I was set up on my fire escape across the street, directing the scene, with bullhorn in hand. Of course I was concerned for the Models' safety, as some were daring enough to pose out on the crumbling sills.

The photography came off as planned. What had seemed to some as too dangerous or difficult to accomplish, became my fantasy fulfilled, and my most memorable self - assigned photograph. It has been an international award winner ever since.

Most professional photographers dream of having one signature picture they are known for. "GIRLS IN THE WINDOWS " is mine. "

isn't this the best story? i am so stoked that Gigli did this. i promise, after seeing this shot, that i will do what ever is in my power to make all my photoshoot "visions/dreams" a reality for the world to see.

i know this might sound funny - but i had this "vision" i don't know how else to describe it - but it was this absolute perfect idea for a photoshoot. i pictured it red and snowy with heart shaped balloons, white, white snow overwhelming the frame, with a bright pop of red. i had it pegged EXACTLY right in my mind. and i was like, this is going to happen, down to the mood that i had envisioned. then i had the opportunity to seize this chance a couple of winters back with two key players - 2 of my favorite men: my husband and my brother. it was definitely -15*F, but with windchill most definitely -25*F. AND because of my plan - i had to be wearing that red dress. after a little begging and pleading, bless their hearts, we trekked out on my aunt & uncle's beautiful frozen lake in minnesota, had some heart shaped balloons, donning the brightest red outfits and shot the blazes off of this opportunity - it was soooooo windy and soooooooooooooooooooooo cold, and my mom kept peeking out & calling to us to get in the house and that the shot wasn't worth how cold it was, but we pulled it off, and i was able to articulate the mood and frame i wanted to my brother, and him being such a genius, he got it exactly right [duh]. (we're kind of like twins.)

i am sure some of you dear, dedicated readers & supporters, are familiar with these shots. we love them oh so much. they turned out exactly as i had hoped. and na'im didn't shoot that many; i wanted them to only be polaroids & 35mm film shots:

don't get me wrong - i am in NO way likening myself to that of the talent of this here photographer, but i have experienced similar things in my own life as a photographer. gigli INSPIRES me.

here i am - going online and saying, that i promise myself that i will continue to achieve greater and greater photo opps/shoots, no matter how grand the vision. and can i get a "HELL YES!" for Gigli's shot?!??!?!

what are some visions that you have for your photography? why aren't you doing it??


Patrice said...

You are AMAZING.com

Also, thank you for inspiring me to think about my vision for my photography. It's good to think about what I really want to capture.

I love all the photos posted - that one from the '60's is something else for sure.

samimi-extremie said...

thanks p. you too, are so inspirational for me. i am so happy that this got you to think about your work - which is freaking beautiful.com


Laura Elekdag said...

This is stunning! I absolutely love it! And I also love the one you took in the snow wearing red (my favorite color). Dream big or go home!

montague said...

Utterly glorious! Thanks for sharing... I feel so inspired!

Jamie H said...

I just love that you're doing the things that you're inspired to do. You're listening to the whispers that we all hear. But most of us shrug them off thinking of the difficulty instead of the reward.

samimi-extremie said...

laura: you are right! big is the only way, right?!? :)

amy JOON! i am so glad you are blogging again!!

jamie: you are soooo right. and i also shrug a lot off, but i'm really trying to break that cycle/habit.