i'm going to make baktash sing this song to me every night:

thanks to roxanne for this.
wow. just WOWWWW.


Phyllistene said...

Hey.. email me your address will ya? I'd like to send you all an invite to the wedding. And I do plan to purchase wedding earrings from you and possibly some for the bridesmaids gifts. Any recommendations? White, Purple, Magenta-y, Lime Greens and beer bottle browns (like literally beer bottles.. creative centerpieces you know :P) Any ideas?

golriz lucina said...

this deserves an OMG!

golriz lucina said...

ps. it's bad enough that when i tell southerners i'm half-iranian they are concerned i consider them 'infidels'. and now i have to combat this sort of thing. oh dear.

leili said...

"I know she's beautiful without even seeing her humps".

That's a line in this song.

I think everyone should know this.

flashlightfaces said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

leila said...

Marzieh and I watched this together, and she didn't wave once at any of the people, which is not a good sign. Then she started cringing into my shoulder---I'm not making this up---and looked very worried. Also possibly embarrassed. I literally had to soothe her by saying, "It's just a joke, darling!" Because watching it with the idea that Baktash is going to sing this to you every night was too much. I couldn't stop laughing.

Leili pointed out the brilliance of the "humps" line, but I personally fell in love with the bit that says something about how she wears long black skirts that cover her legs---cut to her lifting up her top to reveal a peek of bra.

Also, did anyone else feel like the girls in this video were just that: GIRLS? I know there was a mum and grandma in there, but there were at least three females under 16 years old.