3 new cameras. 1 dope husband.

on my birthday i received a FUJI INSTAX mini cam + a canon rebel dslr.

i also shot with my newish SMENA COSMIC SYMBOL (35mm) camera for the first time this past week. so yeah, a pretty big ars week for yours truly. the fuji shot is the post below and i will be showing you some from the symbol + the canon, you know, just to share with my few little dudical readers.

as you may know, i am MUCH more comfortable shooting film shots, be it, 35mm or polaroids than i am digital. so the digital shots are for the most part taken by baktash, and not me. i have to find a way to love it. but i still prefer to shoot with my little cameras. isn't that strange but kinda cool?

my parents were here last weekend, and it was fantastic. we celebrated Ayyam'i'Ha together, which is a Baha'i Holy time of family togetherness, gift giving and all around awesomeness, we are all also meant to celebrate as we are preparing for our Fast for 19 days, which started today (more about that later. and by later i mean, like in the next day or so).

| digee |

| smena symbol |

neat, eh?


montague said...

incredibly neat!

Kadria said...

dope indeed! and i couldn't agree more with you about the film vs. digital. love the frozen trees! p.s. your writing is awesome.

samimi-extremie said...

thanks montague and kadria! i am so thrilled you enjoy the same things as i....much love!