here are a couple of my recent fuji mini instax shots. i seriously was sad all day with a sinking feeling because it hasn't replaced my polaroid. i mean, in some ways its better than nothing, but it some ways it just makes me more pissed off. i'll shoot some more, dear readers and see what happens, maybe it'll start taking better photos. meaning, they wont be so white washed. though i can see that effect being fun for some people. heh, yeah, like people who appreciate an extremely large painting in a modern art museum that is JUST A SOLID BLACK PANEL framed into a SOLID BLACK FRAME. okay, i am being more whiny than i should be. i mean, its allright. but not my old pola cam. (sniff sniff). i'll just have to splurge and purchase the new polaroid film by the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT!! (SWOON!)

what do YOU think of the fuji shots?


montague said...

i love them! seriously, i know it's hard to move on (sigh) but i do love them!

layli said...

well, thats good to hear, amy!! xox

Anonymous said...

Can the film for instax mini 7 be used for instax mini 25?