i am dying for this:

six twenty nine
Originally uploaded by antimethod
please spring, warm weather, golden sunshine come to stay and warm me and my husband's spirits. we need you to come so we can star gaze and frolick and watch the sunset.

thanks to
towfigh for showing me antimethod and thank you antimethod for this beautiful clip.


Leili said...

Seriously, all his stuff is mental. I just kept thinking Layli has to see this Layli has to see this Layli has to see this. So thanks for jumping right on it! I'm looking forward to combing through his whole photostream.

samimi-extremie said...

me2 towfighy. its gonna be bonkers radd. like, maybe i'll break 10 mugs in your and his honor next.

elise said...

i want spring/summer so bad it hurts my heart.

samimi-extremie said...

i feel you girl. i understand you girl. i love you girl.