360 days apart

as many of you dear readers know, i adore this tree right here. and this place to go trekking. its one of the few places in SD that i know of besides state parks where you can trek somewhat freely without fear of a rancher or cowboy driving up in his diesel pickup with a loaded shotgun.

well, i was fortunate enough to take my father here during this frozen, barren winter. what is really neat about this is that these photo pairs were taken about 360 days apart from one another - of the same places. crazy that i've been here that long and also neat to see the contrast.

i was so happy to have my father with me on this day, as so often, i would daydream while i was field trekking, that my father would be able to be there with me, to feel the wind on his face, to smell the sweetgrass, to hear the prairie grass like waves, gliding along the horizon, to feel alive.


Douglas said...

This is really amazing. Must be the Spring beckoning...It was such a good day.

samimi-extremie said...

it WAS such a blessed day, daddio. i love you heaps upon heaps.