19 days!

this is the second year in a row that i have been stoked to be a part of a projekt of some super awesome Baha'i photographers from all over the world. i blogged about it last year as well. what we are doing is participating in one of our Baha'i obligations of fasting for 19 days, hence the project's name nineteendays. every day, two photographers post photographs from dawn, then another at dusk, both the times that Baha'is start and end their fast everyday. this is a time of heightened spiritual development and insight as well as a time to clear our minds and bodies of anything excess "toxins" (these are my words...). so there you have it, folks. i will make sure i post on the day that is my day for the blog (March 15, 2010) which i will be pairing up with me bro in china. it will be fantastic.

there has been a book made from last years fast. thanks to amy and leila. and you too, can own one (they are really quite amazing) - by purchasing it here.

its a great time to bond and share a collective spiritual feat with this group of people, most of who i know, some of who i don't. but it helps make us feel like we have a larger world community, all sharing in this blessed time of purification, detachment, clarification and joy.

take a look at the site, and check back everyday until March 21st, as there will be a new amazing post daily. here is the site: http://nineteendays.wordpress.com/


montague said...

ps: how much do i love your banner? A LOT!

leila said...

I luff this blog.