why my family is the best.

for those of you that haven't already seen my new brother Bobby's wedding video he made for Baktash and I for our wedding reception, it is HILARIOUS. for those of you that have seen it, you know you want to see it again. Bobby also took our post-wedding wedding shots in the Malibu Canyon which are amazing. He is a phenomenal artist and if you ever need anyone to photograph you in a really flattering way, like if you're trying to impress someone, or know someone who wants to impress someone or if you know a wedding that needs to be flattered with a dope a$$ photographer, contact him. here is his website: bobbyaazami.com and you should check his vimeo. this video is SOOO FUNNY and i thank bobby for making it, my sister melinda for the narration and my brudder namo for the voice-overs:

and THIS IS WHY MY NIECE IS CUTEST HUMAN BEAN IN THE WORLD. she brings us so much joy and happiness that we didn't even know we needed. our family is so fortunate to have such a wee firecracker filled with so much love and energy. not to mention, she is HILARIOUS. (whoda thought???). check out this amazing video clip of her and tell me how much you laughed:

i mean, did you hear that big scream from that little body??? definitely a Moore.


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

I just love YOUR blogs...STILL.. yeah you have a very awesome family, and all the coverage you do makes me smile and brings me joy! you rock!! Love u Layli Beans


samimi-extremie said...

i love you too nic! so glad you like my blog!! i am glad you saw the video too, i was gonna send you the link cos i knew you'd like it!

Natascha said...

very cute niece! and what a delight to hear you dad's laugh too. we miss it a lot around here :-(

montague said...

your family is cuteness. especially the chubby cheeked one!

Chelsea said...

Layli, I am always checking your blog as it is sure to entertain as well as fill my deepest artistic desires. ;) The photos are fantastic and the video made by Bobbi is the best thing ever! I wanted more!
-chelsea cleghon