why my family is the best deux.

hello dear sweet readers. it has been an amazing weekend filled of family love and visits, fluffy clouds, bright cornflower blue skies, running through open spaces, screaming whilst running through open spaces, laughter, good food, exhilarating explorations of sodak and duh, of course, dear readers- great photos.

en route to the badlands, i showed my family one of my favorite little roadside attractions: scenic, sd. it is this little town with NOTHING to it, but for some reason i always come back. this day, there were people selling "indian tacos" and bikers from sturgis rallying around. here are some pretty sweet shots of the whole deal. please click on any photo to view it larger... :

this photo for sure you should enlarge, i am really proud of this shot actually because you can see the bikers posing in the background. its pretty rad. especially the one with one leg up on a stump...not to mention my super cute sister:

we also went to Rushmore (yawn...) :

This trip to the Badlands was one of my favorite days in nature ever. I will never forget that day. we went off the "beaten path" to trailblaze. it was so amazing, i felt God there i such an intense way. I always do everytime i go to the Badlands. there was point when i was so filled with happiness that i just started running on the trail in the wide, open expanse of peace and calm, grace and awesomeness just howling and laughing, dragging my sister along with me.

i was soooo happy to be there with my family that i suppose i felt like it was such a celebration of having my parents and sister on the same continent as us other samimi-moore kiddos, that i was so filled with glee and praise for allowing me to have such an amazing life filled of so many delicious opportunities to celebrate. if you look closely, you can see my parents (i ADORE this shot):

this one is titled: "i have the greatest life". i have so so very much to be thankful for. as i'm getting older, i am not so much attached to a physical locale as i am a feeling. that feeling is being with my family and closest friends. because really, life is all about love and love is all about who you surround yourself with. we must constantly question what it is that makes us happy and content and secure in our life. and at the end of the day, i am happy to say that my family is my home and i can bring their love and comfort with me everywhere. but it makes it soooo much more wonderful when i can be in their presence :

i'd been missing my family so so so very much these last couple of years, so to be able to see them every few months is a SUPER treat. in the photo below, please take note of the fact that dad and bax are wearing the SAME trousers from jcrew. what kewties:

are you as freaked out of your brain as i am with these damn amazing clouds???? holy moley:
and i just have to throw this in. this is one of my all-time fave'rs, bill callahan. i came across this video of him today and i am so impressed with how beautiful the film director made this vid.

isn't it strange that i am so happy and this is still some of my favorite music?? heh heh.

what are you thankful for? how have you decided to make your everyday environment/life super exciting and stimulating for yourself lately??


montague said...

le sigh.

justin m. said...

extremie! these are DOPE girl!
i always love coming to your blog to check what new shenanigans you're up to!

i am also so happy to hear that you are doing so great. that makes me stoked, as always.

thanks for the amazing talent and thoughtful words.


Melinda said...

I am thankful for you Layli. I am thankful for your beautiful soul and the fact that you can see the glory in this world no matter what test are put upon us. We too are thankful that the family will be on the same continent and look forward to BBQ's, Birthday celebrations, prayers, feasts and moments of silence and pure bliss together :) Thinking of you and Bak and loving you every minute! Thanks for blogging and posting such thoughtful and amazing photos and words. Mwah!