PINE RIDGE REZ - taken with my vivitar film cam:

Rez Bomb is one of THE best movies i've seen all year, no joke. and even better because its all filmed in my hometown and the surrounding Pine Ridge Reservation here is sodak. It was so neat to watch this film. The filmmaker is this super rad Scottish filmmaker, Steven Lewis Simpson, who felt inspired to make this film after visiting Pine Ridge a while back (i think 1996 or 1999). here's a pola i took of Wounded Knee this winter:

not only is the story really well written, the movie itself is really cinematically beautiful. Unfortunately, you wont be able to rent this @ your local video store. if you want it, you have to go to www.rezbomb.com and get yerself a copy. it also has like, 1.5 hours of additional features; a tour of the Rez, a look into a local's life, a couple interview's with Russell Means. its truly worth it if you want a glimpse into what life on the Rez might be like, as far as the conditions, the life, etc. i mean, this is definitely an action movie in someways but nonetheless pretty accurate about how the Lakota live on Pine Ridge. It can be pretty devastating. Well, it is. I truly commend Simpson for the work he had done in putting this film out and the dedication to the Native Americans that you can just feel by watching this movie. As you may know, Native American rights is very close to my heart, so Simpson's work really hit a chord with me, in some ways he is small hero to me.

to educate yourself a little bit more on the current state of living on the Indian Reservations here in SD, you can read this article, by CNN. Though its a small article, it is better than nothing; the awareness needs to be far reaching and well known. this is and Rez Bomb are a part: