For Hun, Tats, John, Theresa & Knowles.

this is a long video, albeit moving and very worth the watch. I dedicate this blog post to the five people above as they have supported and helped me in my quest and passion to make peacebuilding and healing in conflict transformation something creative and sprung directly from the heart. words can only say so much, but art is the true expression of the soul specifically in moments of pain, grief, trial and tribulations. we must give time and space for "alternative" more capable ways of expressing pain. and allowing one's self to express in ways beyond words can truly be healing.

this artist was able to recount Germany conquering Ukraine in WWII with sand art in ways i have never seen any one able to recount such tragedies without film. this is amazing. please watch it in its entirety.

a big thank you to towfigh for posting this and letting me see and share it with you all.

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