Rallying around in wild west ghost towns in sodak with my husband

we had a hell of a time yesterday tramping through old ghost towns, and seeing what we could see, which obvi. was ALOT. a whole hell of a lot. man, sodak is the best. we had such a blast. the ghost town shots were in this little place called Rockerville where there is NO ONE OR ANY THING. it was so neat. i mean, everything was just abandoned. the shops still had chairs and signs up and everything. but it had been abandoned for about 60 years i think. crazy, eh? then of course you wouldn't have the full south dakota experience if you don't experience the Strugis Motorbike Rally. it is INSANE. we go to sleep the annoying loud rattle of Harleys and wake up to it as well. but seriously though, i kinda secretly dig it. its like i am constantly being treated with amazing, weird, strange, HILARIOUS things everyday here. i mean, if you just surrender to the strangeness, it is SUCH a good time. there is no where better to people watch than here, especially right now. it is really weird, the whole biker life-style. i bet a lot of these people are just your ordinary people during the year and they save up all year to come out here and get jacked on leather and bandanas and tattoos and piercings - flames, skulls, barbed wire, BIG A$$ mustaches, big boobs, blond hair, tight jeans, dirty dirty dirty. but sooo freakin' rad. i am sure there will be more photos to come from the Rally, it is going on all week.

NOTE: feel free to see any of these photos larger by clicking on them.

these three photos are taken with my FAVORITE vivitar 35mm:

this one is one of my favorite photos of baktash of ALL time:
This was in Rockerville, across the street from us is ONE bar and there were bikers there spying on me with binoculars...
its was super disgusting. so we snuck into one of the abandoned shops b/c a light leak caught my eye in the roof...
we went to Hill City as well. This was a shirt in one of the stores, look closely, cos it says : "ride it like you stole it". HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA! (WHAT THE????):

I am oh so thrilled to be in Hill City:

so was baktash. i am sure atleast 13 bikers called him a "fairy" for this shot. and thats precisely why we took it, to rally them up:

assholes! :

DUDE. this dog was the grossest, saddest, funniest thing. he had a Harley leather vest on him (OMG.) - the other clip is a bunch of bozos cruising. sah-weet:

we are so lucky to be blessed with such a fun, entertaining life that is full of excitement. but i really believe that it is all what you make it. try to be excited no matter where you live and you will find amazing little treasures everywhere once you open your heart and sense of humor to it. we had a blast. come visit.


montague said...

you have no idea how badly i want to visit a ghost town. LONG time dream.
which i will satisfy when my dad and i go on that cross country trip we've been dreaming about for years...

flashlightfaces said...

I know this will sound selfish and self-centered but I feel like this blog post was all for me.

In that way, I mean to say it really spoke to me and you're amazing. And I'm really excited to come hang out.

kylie said...

dear master blawger,
have i mentioned lately that i love your blawg? have i? it is edging on masterful. i am in paris right now and this post has been the perfect antidote to my surroundings. these pictures make me laugh outloud and actually ache to visit. before, i was nervous that it would not be ok to roll up to your house in my leather chaps, cowboy boots, and handle bar mustache, reving my harley till the break of dawn, buuuut know that i know that its kosher i will be there in no time. it really does make me happy to know that the cowboys and harley bros are not going unnapreciated.

samimi-extremie said...

@ amy: dude, when you come on your cross country trip, it wouldn't be a trip without coming to good ol' sodak. i'll personally take you to a ghost town.

@shirin: it was definitely inspired by our talks as it was a reminder to how i always try to live my life. but you think its JUST for you.

@ kye: tanks for the mastery words. i miss you alot and i want you to come to sodak so bad and bring your handlebars and i'll bring my leather corset vest with flames on it. i miss you!