it smells

so we're in the market for a used honda element. we really want one. but its not too much of a rush. i mean, its not like rapid city is big. i rarely go over 40 mph here. ha! isn't that funny? i think so.

so anyway, i've been hounding down the honda dealer in town, to no avail. there has been nothing. we found one somewhere else (a jeep dealer). good price. great mileage. BUT. it SMELLS like a mixture between a porta-potty, a wet dog and a horse. its really strange. we've made them do a lot to fix it (the smell) but it isn't going away. that is the only thing holding me back from buying it, well, that and this strange tugging "no" that this little voice inside of me has always said since we and this specific element met.

so i was consulting with my daddio about it today and he was like, "well, it sounds really strange." i told him more details about the whole scenario-which i choose to omit here, as it is boring and pointless. as we talked, i was still going back and forth, unsure and then sure, etc, etc. then he said, "that is really strange, layli, that they can't get that smell out or aren't going to guarantee you to find out what it is...you know, [he says fully serious] it could be that someone died in that car and when that is the case, people have a heck of a time ever getting that smell out. like, its practically impossible..."

that sealed the deal for me. nope. nu-uhhh. hell na, forget that, no way, no how.

thanks daddio.


Nabil said...

oh man. good choice.
but i really like honda elements, i was looking to buy one once. hold out for the right one!

flashlightfaces said...

totally gew-rossssssssss

tony said...

dude we shopped the whole west coast for two solid months before finding one with the right specs in Bend, four hours away. ours is the traditional orange-with-plastic-panels, but "cargo khaki" is probably the best paint color of all time. what's your shopping criteria, besides that new car smell?

montague said...

Seriously gross. Also, your dad know a lot abou dead bodies and cars ;)

samimi-extremie said...

nabil: yeah thanks for the support. :)

booboo: deeeessggussteeeeng

tony: yeah, no other shopping criteria just NOT orange (sorry) and low miles and cheap-ish. sounds right, right??

amy: yeah, dad is a champ.