things that have been sitting on my desktop waiting to be filed in memorable places.

wow. like, woah. this post is really exciting to me. there are some images that have been on my desktop for a while, collecting my space and needing to be filed somewhere memorable. i am so inspired and excited about these BEAUTIFUL & STUNNING photographs. aren't they amazing?

i love photography so much, and i love to see how others use the medium in their life...they all evoke such different emotions and elements. some are fashion for aesthetic beauty, and others evoke a certain mood, or a specific emotion. i love them all so much and feel so inspired to go out for a photoshoot. speaking of, i DO have some 35mm shots that were developed recently that i have yet to post! stay tooned!
wowwww . shot by amalia chimera
stunning photo by colerise
oh i miss this. the wind, the vastness, the cowboys, the solitude. - AMAZING capture, btw.
i love these images together, esp. the last shot, i fell like this woman a lot. and by feeling like this woman i mean i have a severe need for kale and beets and clean walls.
to quote my dear friend burt: don't mind if i do.
nice mood - this photo courtesy of i.Anton
another phenomenal shot by colerise !!!.
perfect winter lighting. by coquinete

which shot is your favorite??

*there are some shots that aren't credited, at the time i didn't think i was posting them online...sorry!

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elise said...

the second shot is AAmazing!