I just fell in love. hard.

...yeah, you heard me. i love my new neighborhood and i love LA. yeah,  you heard me.

once you live anywhere, [and i mean ANYwhere, COME ON, i lived in south dakota for 2 years!!] for a while, for me its always been about 8-12 months, you start to get used to the place, your molecules start to adjust to the different environment [that's what amanda and i were talking about], your body and mind then start to learn and get used to a new routine in a new place and then your heart and spirit feels at ease/at peace. i have been having such a jammin' time here, and there are so many amazingly FRIENDLY people in LA. i swear, EVERYtime i go out, i make a friend or find my way in to an awesome conversation with someone. it's a trip. maybe i just forgot how the west coast is, or maybe i just have never experienced the southern west coast before, where its sunny everyday and people are, for the most part, super chill and easy.

today i went to a coffee shop i've been hearing/reading about for quite some time. and boy was it a real treat. i'd been dying to try the new company HANDSOME COFFEE, based in LA for a couple weeks, so this was super rad:


needless to say, i was impressed!

the owner is the nicest gentleman and he's kind of a pioneer in the coffee culture here in LA.
and i mean, how could it NOT be a good day when i get to bust out my AK xtratufs?!?! damn, it feels good! :D

so its been torrential downpour here in LA all day [for those of you that aren't familiar with the SE AK lingo or the PAC NW lingo, it means RAINING LIKE IRON&WINE'S TEARS], and to be honest, i don't know the last time it rained. what the hell? crazy times! so i love it, i love, love, love it.

so hope you're all doing swell and you have a great coffee shop by you. yeah you. wherever you are.


Capone: said...

welcome (to my) home :)


thanks, love. that was so sweet to say. :D