soul sundays

i've really been digging oprah and her new life web classes that are airing every night on her site at 6pm. every night she has a new "expert" on her show to talk about hard issues, life issues, things we all struggle with. it has been really educational and refreshing for me.

with so much garbage out there right now, it is so damn hard to find anything that is of SUBSTANCE any more. that is one reason i haven't ever owned a television, nor had one in my house [with the exception of the world cup where my husband just camped out by the TV the entire month].

you might already know this, but i think that self growth, progression and awareness in life are K-E-Y. and i am always finding cool new ways to dive within, and wonderful people to engage with and learn from.

it is no wonder that my dear friend, golriz and her husband devon are creative geniuses. they wrote a book with rainn wilson called "soul pancake" and have been exploring and engaging others in "life's big questions" for a while now. well now that oprah has her own network called OWN - they are kicking it up a notch and making really awesome episodes for oprah's soul sunday's show. i am totally proud of them and love the work that they have come up with. beautifully shot, another one of our friend's samah did a lot of the behind the scenes work as well, editing and filming, i believe.

here is a snippet of the work done and the work to come!

so proud and excited for ya'll!!