LISH has officially been rebranded just in time for the holiday season!

hello dear readers!

i am beyond excited to roll out the re-branding of my beloved jewelry company, LISH. i spent a long time, using really exceptional style & design consultants to come up with this exciting, fresh new look.

here is the lookbook for the holiday season and on to the new year of 2012. i am really excited about changing the branding, particularly because LISH originated from my absolute love and respect for my natural surroundings; i was constantly trying to bring it with me everywhere i went. i wanted to get back to that original source and inspiration with the new look. over the years i have collected stones, rocks, shells, beach glass and wood from my most sacred natural spaces in the world. and since all my LISH designs are inspired by those places, why not have the jewelry and the natural elements coexisting in the photographs? it makes SO much sense to me, and really resonates with the true purpose of LISH -- which is to allow beautiful, lovely women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be able to bring the sacred natural spaces - in which we all cherish -  into a timeless, bold fashion statement piece. that way, you can carry [the sacredness] with you everywhere.

you will notice on my online store, that now in the description of each unique design, i have also included the "healing properties" of each of these one of a kind, striking gemstones. i am really excited about this as well - combining my love for healing, nature and fashion all in one. this is what i hope you too, can gleam from the re-branding of LISH. and i would LOVE if you could please give me your feedback, support and pass this on to those that haven't been introduced to LISH! honestly, jewelry makes THE best gifts!

and i also want to take this opportunity to thank all of those that have supported LISH over the SIX [!!!] years its been in business!! your support and dedication to my work has been humbling and flattering, to say the least.

without further ado, here they are, in all their glory:

voice truth
rose attar
black stealth

dig deep
night arrest
her intention
her intention - side
into the green
cool as ice
the rival
the feisty one
the pioneer
night arrest II
gray ice water
please go to www.lish.etsy.com to see all the latest and greatest designs for sale -- all re-branded & fresh! i think you'll love the change to the shop!

more will be rolling out here in the next 2 weeks, so please stay tuned, check back here and follow LISH on at www.facebook.com/lish.jewelry for updates, insider news & new designs!


Anonymous said...

Looks stunning! Your talent never ceases to amaze us, I will definitely be stopping by your online storefront to get some 'wears for holiday gifts!

- elizabeth

namo said...

wow, daoudie! this layout is phenomenal! wheeeet whew!

golriz said...

so pretty! in another lifetime i'd simply just collect pebbles from all over the world. x


thanks dudes! i had so much fun rebranding! :D