superheadz/powershovel's necono digital camera

those of you that know me know i cannot stand cats. when i was seven years old, i woke up to my pet cat peeing ON MY FACE, my sweet seven year old cherub face, in my bed. yeah, you laugh now, but if you had a cat urinate on you while you were sleeping, you'd be pretty damn mad, i'm sure. ANYWAYZZZZ. so then you might wonder what this cat is doing on my blog. well, i'll tell you.
i literally shed a tear when i got this in the mail. the fact that its a flippin' CAMERA blows my mind [!!!]
it has magnets on its paws, so you can stick it anywhere!!

the awesome crew at superheadz tokyo sent me one for free if i would be one of their photography  monitors of their brand new, cat shaped 'necono' digital spy camera that just launched this week. and let me tell you -- ITS DOPE. you've heard of the digital harinezumi before, right? well, that is a super amazing camera & superheadz creators are saying: "If Digital Harinezumi is an avant-garde older brother, necono digital camera must be his sweet and gentle little sister."

curious how a plastic cat is a digital camera?? i was too. this'll help all ya'll:

and here are some of my shots with the camera:

what the?

if you're sold and want one for yourself, get one here. thanks to the boyz @superheadz for the awesome camera & fun opportunity!!

*powershovel/superheadz is an amazing photography company based in tokyo and they are the ones that are known for all the amazing, cutting edge "toy" cameras.

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dpmoore said...

fantastic! Love the color rich saturation like look. Beautiful. And who is that little kid? Kill me.