color and creativity and detachment to material posessions.

people who know me know that i love bright bold, rich colors. like, LOVE them. and people who've known me for a reallly long time remember that i used to wear bright orange jcrew cargo pants my entire middle and high school years. people who might not have known me knew me as the girl with the bright colors and the orange pants. they were so popular in fact, that my brother wore them to his middle school prom. that still makes me laugh aloud today.

and i know this is really lame of me and maybe really funny, but here is my brother in the orange pants at his 8th grade prom. the lovely little lady in red is also my dear friend kylie, whom i've mentioned lots of on here before:

this bold colorblocking, neon tight wearing, bright lipstick wearing style i've had has never died down. i feel i am cheating myself if i cannot wear bright colors. i had this really important event two nights ago at a private gala in beverly hills and the dress code was "business casual". that is like the worst two words you can put together. and i had NO clue how i could rock my usual bright self and still fit in with the request- so i went all black. i felt kinda sad and cheated. so i wore reallly bright pink lipstick. ha. still slipped it in. i gotta do what i can, right?

then i came across this TED talk and really loved the short piece she said about being yourself, wearing bright colors. and how when you wear bright colors its hard to be unhappy. i feel like she is right. i'll just let you watch the video now:

i admire her for this! what are your thoughts? would you have been able to part with all those sick finds?? do you think you'd be able to live on just thrift clothes?? don't you think it'd take so much of your time poking through yucky, smelly clothes or not?


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