photography by yours truly - quotes by yours truly & my loved ones. 
as always, on fridays [and sometimes a bonus random day in a week], i'll be sharing a new creative initiative piece from my HERE'S TO LONGING project. you can read my personal manifesto here. pass along! share with buddies!

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flashlightfaces said...

‎"I pull the sails of the ship firmly and fasten 
the ropes tight. I locate my destination and then by the power of My 
will I hold the wheel and head out. No matter how strong the storm, no 
matter how dangerous the threat to the safety of the ship, I do not 
change course. I do not become agitated or disheartened; I persevere
 until I reach my goal." -Abdu'l- Baha


my mind is blown. that is one of the most powerful Baha'i quotes i have ever laid eyes on. and i've never read it before! you are amazing! i love you.