if you visit us, we take you to malibu.

WOW. so this is what living in a major city again is like! i get to have my dearly loved friends & family visit monthly!! i've kinda been shocked, living in sodak [if you didn't know, isn't really a major 'hub' for anyone] we had visitors, but not like, 6 in one month. this has been amazing and filled with so much good ocean air, laughter, good food and damn fine company.

i was especially blessed the month of may - my dearest cousins samimi were visiting; the lovely & ever talented kylie from berlin en route to AK; the handsome saldanas from my second love, portland; and of course my beautiful sister amanda. it isn't a stretch to say that if you visit us, even if for a day, we'll take you to the lovely malibu beaches. i mean, come on, aren't they exquisite??



Mary Nevin said...

these pictures are stunning!! city life is quite lovely :)
the third picture is my favorite, but all of them are beautiful!

montague said...

Guess that means we need to visit!


mary: thank you! city life definitely has its perks! especially when there's an amazingly beautiful beach nearby! ;)

amyjoon: PLEASE. though, i don't know how it tops costa beaches.