what is your creative process?

there is almost nothing better than hearing about one's creative process, what their thoughts and reflections on their relationship with their creativity is and what they actually DO ABOUT IT. it is important for me to "study" how people define their creative process and what that looks & feels like. beyond being merely inspiring, it helps me refine what i must do for myself and my work. it helps me push myself to create something totally new & fresh for myself. i know i am on the right track if i am feeling high from the work i'm involved with and creating. that happened to me last night - as i was reading and browsing so many creative people's blog/sites/art, i felt like, "ok, layli, that's enough. now what are you going to do?" in my process i have to completely wipe my brain slate clean - like a blank open field, to figure out what i am going to mindfully & meticulously construct in that space. i build as i go, then i feel the release, the tension suspended, the breath soothed, the heart excited. i have to constantly remind myself to push myself further and deeper to find the beauties that lay hidden deep within.

i found this great short on the sartorialist by browsing said blogs/sites/art. just another person sharing their process with the world. i don't subscribe to the sartorialist, nor do i frequent the site often - but that's besides the point; the creating process is what really fascinates me.
i am so damn inspired i could spit. spit, i tell you. there, i just did it, all over my laptop screen.

it is so critical that we allow ourselves to be inspired by others - as long as you challenge yourself to create something that you feel is YOURS - from your heart, for your heart - that's the best shit right there.

i'm unplugging now, to go create.
here's me - peacein' out:

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