alexander is the sickness. hands down. no one beats him right now.

holy geeeeeeeeeeeeeez . i won't be exaggerating when i say that alexander ebert is a lyrical/musical GENIUS. wowwwwwzaaaahhhhh. how come everything he does is amazing [IMA ROBOT/EDWARD SHARPE & MAGNETIC ZEROS, now this solo pro.]??

his new single, truth blows me mind. yeeeps!!! don't mind the dumb video; the official one is yet to drop, but dude, atleast you can listen to the song.

if you prefer to listen to it live, for your viewing pleasure - alexander a dude who looks like every fourth dude i went to evergreen college with: a hiphop hippie that'd be super handsome if he shaved his face.

talk about someone who is really tapped in to their creative Source and really just letting it flowwww. wowwwzieee. i kinda died its so good.

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golriz said...

i've been listening to this all night on repeat. awesome find.