fun sunshiney day with polaroids in el-eh!

the weather has been so wonderful, nice and warm in the day and cool in the eves. i wish it stayed like this all year. but i can't complain right? though this temperate rainforest girl is still adjusting to weather in southern cali. i had to finish a "roll" of my instax [polaroid] film and these are the beauts that came out:
horchata lattes with stumptown beans @ cafe de leche = yumzah.

one of our favorite chill spots in LA.
DAMNIT! you can't read the smaller text under KABOB WAY - but it says: no heartburn [that was the whole point in taking the picture in the first place] but my husband's pretty damn cute too.

FASTER donuts?? as opposed to a business called slow donuts? who owns FASTEST donuts?? they get the award for best name for donut shop. hahah
i hope you're all having a great weekend!

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