dr. cornel west on the Baha'is of Iran

it always feels better and healing in some ways to hear leaders of our world, who are not Baha'is, speak out about the unjust treatment of the Baha'is in Iran.  We, as Baha'is, have been suffering from persecution & execution ever since the Faith's inception. as many of you already know, for me and my family - its also personal. For those of you that don't know - my grandfather Kamran Samimi was martyred in 1981. This needs to stop; its paining too many people, making their lives so difficult, so traumatizing. 
i applaud and commend dr. cornel west for speaking so candidly [and eloquently] about our plight. i thank any and all of you, who in your own communities are raising awareness of the situation of the Baha'is in Iran, and standing up in your own ways, to fight against this grave injustice. 
have a listen:
my favorite quote:
"...[be a] militant for tenderness; fanatic for fairness; extremist for love & a drum major for justice...and i see that at work...within the rich, prophetic traditions of the Baha'i Faith..."
wowwww. so touching!
quoted from my buddy, John Bathke:
"this is a good video, from brother cornel, denouncing the persecution of the Bahai's in Iran. additionally, there are two resolutions pending, in the house (H.Res. 134) and senate (S.Res. 80), condemning this persecution. feel free to contact your house rep. and senators to support these resolutions."
if you so wish to learn more, please click here.
big ups to cornel west.

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George said...

Thank you extrimi for love!