happiness is my samimi-moore family.

i just got back from a wonderful vacation to reunite with my brothers, their beautiful wives & my most treasured niece, elsa bee. the saint paul farmers market is amazing, to say the least. everything is local and organic. YUM YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM: baktash told me if he hadn't married me, he'd have married my brother, na'im:the prettiest flower is the one with the strawberry blonde hair - hands diggity down:of course it wouldn't have been a minnesota vacation if we didn't hang out on the lake and go jump off speedboats:the amazing firecracker of a girl:i was telling elsa, "say cheeeeeese!" dangit, only i am saying cheese. which i still don't understand to this day. please someone, explain to me the reason for saying "cheese" when smiling. makesnosensewhatsoever. [ the lake was actually really nice and refreshing, we weren't bathing in sewer, it just looks like it ]
me and the brudders. jorma was pinching/drawing focus to na'im's nipple - don't ask me:
so na'im & jorma are always the funniest in photos. the faces they make are pretty unbelievable. in this one, jorma thought it would be especially comical/genius to put his glasses upside down:

so, folks. let me tell you a little something about my family. we basically go to a city and scour the streets for the best espresso. on this trip, we toured the city, by finding the best, most delicious places to get a latte w/ extra foam, on the spot cold-pressed coffee, a macchiato that have FRIENDLY service. we boycotted this one jerk of a coffeeshop a year ago cos they were real jerks. like Jerks. so we basically spent all of our time out finding coffee shop & getting geeked. here are the coffeeshops we'd recommend in the twin cities, in case you care, or are ever there. in order of deliciousness (all were friendly):
  • Angry Catfish
  • Quixotic
  • Spyhouse
DO NOT frequent:
  • Kopplins Coffee
if you'd like these hyperlinked, i am sorry, i can't be bothered right now. google it, dear readers.

and of course, here is miss elsa finding none of us amusing. she just started rolling her eyes and it is probably the funniest/cutest thing i've ever seen. don't mind the pesto all over her. how can you blame her? i make a MEAN pesto. ;) and it would not be a fun drive on the long ars drive to MPLS from sodak without a very interesting stop @ the Corn Palace in mitchell, sodak. dude, the place is MADE out of corn. pretty trippy huh:i am so so very grateful for my siblings, my sister in laws & parents. i honestly don't believe i could have ever dreamed of a better family ever in the sphere of existence. the laughter, lightness of being & undeniable ease and happiness that comes when i spend time with my family is unmatched...my brother wrote today that though we are all so far apart geographically, he and his wife in china - my parents and younger sister in israel - jorma and melinda and elsa in st. paul - us in sodak - that we still manage to grow ever closer as the years go on...uniting our families, closer and closer with so much love & bliss.

i am blessed.
we are blessed.

UMMMMMM just had to say how proud of myself i am; i messed around online for a couple of hours today and learned how to mess with my HTML to make my photos bigger in my blog posts! dude, who knew it was soooo easy to make my day!?!?


suzyq said...

i ADORE this post. And may I just add that I LOVE the fact that your photos are bigger?? soooo crisp and nice! thank you!

Raymond said...

Great read. Makes me feel all good and mushy inside. And damn are your photos are so huge!!!

elise said...

man i miss you all!! say hi to the family for me. I want to punch all of you in the face with my face because i love you soo much.

samimi-extremie said...

suzyq: thank you so much! i am so stoked that the photos are larger now!!! wahooo!!

ray: damn! the photos are rad that big! it makes SUCH a difference! and i'm glad this made you mushy. mr. porridge.

elise: i totally know what you mean about the punching in the face thing. i regularly feel that way about you and the rolster.


flashlightfaces said...

So super jealous that you guys all got to be together and have fun without me and squeeze each other while I don't but thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. I especially love the one of Bak and Namo. I want to blow it up big and hang it over my bed.

flashlightfaces said...

ps Elise may as well be related to us, speaking like that.

flashlightfaces said...
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