1. FACT: though i want to, i cannot honk at drivers that make me mad because they (ALWAYS) turn out to be senior citizens.

2. FACT: denver is an awesome city. hands down rad. [more soon]

3. FACT: my husband and i have been married for a year+ now. we are more in love now than ever.

4. FACT: i am proud to say that i didn't become some shell of an empty woman. the value of my identity has progressed into one of power, wholeness, newness, joyousness, lightheartedness.

5. FACT: my husband is the funniest person i know:


Lindsey said...

I'm so inspired by your marriage my dear. It's wonderful to see a woman grow into her identity through marriage, it's rare these days and it's an honor to witness :)

samimi-extremie said...

THANK YOU so much, lindsey!! its a tricky dance (for your identity to grow, rather than dissipate) for sure, but it is so very worth it! xox