TWO BANDS. both with awesome Baha'i musicians. one is RAH RAH - which is my oldest friend, Leif's band from Regina, Sask. they're awesome and i posted their video before and now i'll post it again cos it fits so well with FLAKJAKT's video. the second is FLAKJAKT. i don't know flakjakt personally, though he is a mutual friend of many of mine...and he's a Baha'i. my dear friends, if you don't know already, Baha'is ROCK. they are so inspirational, creative, positive and working towards the betterment of society everyday in their own ways. this is one way i believe, steve failows of FLAKJAKT is bettering society = with dope ars music videos- one of the best i've seen all year...beautifully shot with really crisp and clean picture... thanks, flakjakt & marty martin for doing something radical!!

First Official iPhone 4 Music Video - flakjakt "Cascades" from Marty Martin. themartymartin.com on Vimeo.

Here is RAH RAH and i just adore this song so much, as i adore Leifer - big ups, my main man:

more on the Baha'i Faith here: www.bahai.org


tony said...

these are both great! thank you for sharing!

samimi-extremie said...

you are so welcome!