A nice fall day with my folks in sodak

we trekked around the Black Hills National Forest this weekend with my parental unit. it was so beautiful, so amazing to get outside, away from my laptop, twisting my brain around my thesis. and its ALWAYS good to have visitors, especially those that love you unconditionally. being around my parents is very healing in a sense, or therapeutic. everytime my father and i get in the woods we just start running around. it has always energized us. i love our time with them...i am so lucky.


flashlightfaces said...

Such beautiful shots... wish I could have been there with you guys

samimi-extremie said...

tanks! it was sooo much fun having them here! we have the best family IN THE WORLD. PERIOD.

flashlightfaces said...

It's so true. So so true. Our family is just THE BEST.